Hi there,

We are Pine & Anthony. Codecember is an invitation to learn and create compform (computation form), one sketch a day, throughout December, 2020. We are both doing 100-day compform challenges (Pine’s gallery, Anthony’s gallery) and we would love to share the journey with you.

Pine Day 12
Day 12 by Pine
Anthony's Plum
Day 13, Plum by Anthony

We started our 100-day challenges as we wanted to learn creative coding while having fun. That’s why we decided to use the name compform instead of generative art. Art is such a serious topic & we just want to do some doodlez, which, according to Urban Dictionary, could be your best creation ever!

OK, count you in. Here are the (pretty lax) rules:

  • We’ll give you a prompt every day that includes an artwork, its source code and a blurb
  • One sketch a day (you can be late, we both have been late)
  • Post your artwork on Twitter with the #codecember tag and a day tag such as #day1
  • Link to the source code, so others can learn & remix (GitHub/CodeSandbox/Codepen/Glitch/whatever)

You might say, “how do I do the sketch though? I haven’t done much creative coding whatsoever.”
Or you are worried: “I’m kinda busy and only have 30 minutes everyday. Can I still do it?”

That’s ok! We both don’t have much experience in creative coding before and we are busy as well. Unlike other challenges such as Inktober or Codevember, Codecember doesn’t demand too much from you. Everyday, we’ll post an inspirational sketch with its source code as the prompt, and your job is to understand, recreate and remix it. The least you get out of every day is having learned a new compform.

Seriously, just copying the code line by line to understand the logic & tweaking the constants to explore the form are totally fine. Take this as an opportunity for learning and exploration, rather than a serious commitment for “art”.

Join us by following our Twitter account. We look forward to seeing you on the #codecember hashtag!

Pine & Anthony