Frozen Brush

Today’s sketch is Frozen Brush by Jason Labbe. Jason’s use of particles + delaunay triangle creates a beautiful triangulation brushing effect. Hover on the sketch below, and press any key for a different effect!

The Task

The task today is to recreate this sketch. You can find Jason’s sketch on OpenProcessing. I’d start today by reading a bit about Delaunay Triangulation and understanding the movement of the particles. Once you have a good grasp of both, this sketch should be easy to recreate.

If you have extra time, try recreating the Frozen Brush 2 sketch as well. Even better, create your own visual effects to display the moving particles.

Frozen Brush 2

When you are all done, post your work on Twitter with the hashtag #codecember and #day17. Remember to include a link to the source code, so others can learn from your creation. We look forward to seeing your sketch!

Pine & Anthony

P.S. Jason’s sketch is inspired by Lionel Radisson’s sketch — we have just explored Lionel’s sketch on Day 10!