Tonhalle – Beethoven

Continuing from Day 2, let’s do another one from Matt’s p5 gallery:

The Task

Matt’s original sketch is done in Glitch. If you prefer p5.js editor, here’s my port.

Here are some suggested directions for explorations:

  • Play with each arc’s color/opening-angle/orientation/thickness
  • Establish some relationship between inner/outer arcs

I picked today’s sketch as it reminds me of a 100-day graphic design project by Jessica Svendsen. She created 100 variations of Josef Müller-Brockmann’s classic poster for a Beethoven program at the Zurich Tonhalle:

Josef Beethoven Poster
Josef Müller-Brockmann's poster
Iteration 2 - Manohar Vanga
Jessica Svendsen's adaptation

Another adaptation is Jon Yablonski’s Swiss in CSS project, where he introduces kinetics to the static poster:

One advantage of computational form in digial media is its kinetics & interactivity. See if you can create something that is not possible on the paper medium.

CSS Beethoven poster

When you are all done, post your work on Twitter with the hashtag #codecember and #day6. Remember to include a link to the source code, so others can learn from your creation. We look forward to seeing your sketch!

Pine & Anthony